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Anyone who would like to know Spain must visit Extremadura.

It is not possible to understand Spain without knowing the history of Extremadura.

Thanks to its vibrant past, the impressive and lush countryside, an excellent gastronomy and especially its inhabitants, Extremadura has been transformed into a magical tourist attraction. Extremadura is the ideal spot for those who enjoy calm destinations with gastronomic delicacies and good hospitality.

Extremadura Highlights  
Extremadura’s Highlights
Extremadura has still not really been discovered by foreign tourists even today.
The World Heritage sites of Merida, Caceres and Guadalupe, with their impressive history and lush nature, are worth visiting.
Kunst, Kultur & Feste  
Art, Culture and popular Festivals
A great number of different races have lived in Extremadura, and thus had a huge impact on its culture and inhabitants. Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians left their mark on architecture and art, and are still routed in the traditions of Extremadura today.
Need a little bit of Nature?
With a surface area the size of Switzerland, and one million inhabitants living mostly in the major cities, Extremadura shelters an impressive fauna and flora.
Extremadura’s Past
Extremadura’s past has characterised the region and is a constituent part of it today. Romans, Muslims, the re-conquest, as well as Franco’s obsession have all left deep marks and bear witness to a colourful past.
Extremadura, a country of savourers
In Extremadura you can feel free to do whatever you want, but things you must do are: try Caldereta, drink the red wine, taste the Iberian ham and take a notepad to write down some recipes here and there.
In Extremadura ornithologists do not have to wait for very long, they just need to keep their eyes open. White storks nest on towers and house tops all over the country. Griffon vultures fly directly over people’s heads.
It is common knowledge that it is hard to find appropriate accommodation for the holidays, and unfortunately in this regard Extremadura is no exception. Isn’t it a torture to have to decide between Guadalupe, a small mountain village located near a World Heritage Site, the valley of cherries or a hotel sitting next to a dreamy lake?
Badajoz has been a fortified town for a long time. The inner city is surrounded by massive walls. Two architects came to the conclusion that the fortress has served its time and the time has come for something new, and so built a congress centre with the town wall as its back wall.
Golf & Wellness
Extremadura is well reflected in the golf courses and wellness facilities of the country. Oak trees grow on the golf grounds; the water of El Raposo first healed an Iberian pig a long time ago, then men came and built a health spa.
Learning Spanish
Spanish courses are becoming popular in Extremadura owing to the particular support for language students there. In Caceres they can either stay in a guest house or with a family, where they have the opportunity to learn all the idioms that can not be found in school books. Anyone who is not satisfied with these kinds of accommodation will be able to live with their teacher.

The official homepage of the region Extremadura in Spain - the perfect destination for culture seekers and nature lovers!

This homepage is a presentation of the wide range of highlights and attractions that the region Extremadura in Spain offers. Extremadura is an autonomous region in the west of Spain. It is a region rich in history where culture plays a fundamental role. People of Extremadura heed their ancient traditions and still practice them. Many places of this region in Spain like Merida, Caceres and Guadalupe are part of the World Heritage sites. Extremadura is also an interesting tourist destination because of its impressive and spectacular unspoilt nature and its superlative wildlife. Its numerous national parks and particularly the large number of the various birds that live there make Extremadura the capital of birdwatching – not only in Spain, but in Europe.

Extremadura has become a popular tourist destination because it has so many attractions to make your stay in one of many comfortable hotels an unforgettable experience. Visiting Extremadura feels like walking through history for many remnants of past times still exist and many of them in a very good condition. Historic monuments can be visited at many places: the Roman Theatre in Merida, the Monastery of Guadalupe among others, the ancient town of Caceres. Besides, Extremadura is a region in Spain that holds culture and ancient traditions in high esteem. Thus pilgrimage to the Monastery of Guadalupe where the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe stands or along the Via de la Plata (Saint James'Silver route) through Merida and other places in Extremadura, as well as celebrations of patron days and other religious feasts are very frequent.

The cultural importance of Extremadura is emphasized through the candidature of Caceres as Europe’s capital of culture in 2016 but especially through the fact that many places like the Monastery of Guadalupe and towns of Extremadura like Merida, the capital of the self-governed region, and Caceres belong to the World Heritage. Caceres is also well known for the Fiesta in Casar de Caceres during which the local feta cheese is celebrated. Beyond history and culture, the beautiful and impressive nature of Extremadura is another reason for visiting this part of Spain. The Dehesa, a huge typical pasture land, the mountainous areas, the numerous lakes and rivers with their natural pools and crystal clear water and the Mediterranean forests turn Extremadura into a marvellous and paradisiacal home for fauna and flora. Visitors will enjoy many leisure activities such as cycling or hiking and particularly birdwatching everywhere in Extremadura. Indeed birdwatching has become an insiders' tip in this region of Spain because Extremadura shelters plenty of bird species of which griffon vultures make up the largest population. Because of the large range of bird species like eagles, storks, griffon vultures and many more living within and outside the borders of the nature parks Extremadura is called Europe’s capital of birdwatching.

The best ham in the world comes from the Iberian Pork.

Things to do before you travel to Spain
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